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The Potterhead

Hi there! I'd like to get myself known as That Ravenclaw, instead of exposing my real name. But if that is too long, you can also call using my alias, Sher. As you can see, im just another basic teenager who is a fan of Harry Potter. I'm currently 15 years old, and using blogger as a platform to share my thoughts instead of using a diary since typing is much more easier than writing. I have started to blog about thoughts i have ever since 2012. As years passed by, the way i decorate my blog change from using the template that blogger provides to using my own codes. I chose blogging to share because i just love how it works, i love how not many of my friends know about the existence about this place and i could show the other side of me that i dont show to my friends.

Moving on, im currently into korean songs, especially krnb. I honestly listen to most of the kr genres but right now im more into krnb. At my place, those who listen to korean songs frequently receive a lot of hates, but oh well, i dont really mind about them as i believe that theyre only attention seekers who would only stop seeking for attention if no one give them the attention they crave for. "you cant even understand what those korean lyrics mean" give me one sentence that is much more idiotic than this. i hope people like this know that there are tonnes of kind people exist who provide translation for korean songs listener like me.

I also enjoy watching korean dramas, but i also do watch english movies. Usually i will only watch if i really have a free time and i have the mood so does a perfect surrounding to do it. Also, i just love how i could relate my life with some of the dramas or movies. To me it is like a way to find out the explaination for things i have been going through. Else than watching movies, i do also enjoy reading books. The saying ask us to not judge a book by its cover. But when it comes to me, i choose book that i'd love to read based on the cover. Other than that, this is weird but i kinda... love studying. I wish i found out how studying is a fun thing to do before i sit for my national exam last october 2016. I love how i could make pretty notes which helps me to enjoy studying even much more. I'm also somehow a stationery freak, im following a few studyblrs and i receive a lot of inspiration from them.

How am I at school? To be very honest me on the social media is very different compared to me in real life. At school im not that talkative, i prefer to have a distance from people and i usually keep the thoughts i have in my head rather than letting it free. Basically, im cooler on the internet (LOL sorry yes i cringed at this too)

I'm not sure if i have told you all the things you want to know, but i guess this is it for my introduction. If you would like to contact me, here are a few ways;

oh and, big credits to weheartit for some of the cool pics i use as the thumbnail for my posts :D


  1. Wow wow you share the same age with my younger sister.

    1. good luck to her if she's going to take her pt3 result this monday!! :)


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