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How It Went

Hello and Assalamualaikum,

Can you believe it's now March 2019 and my last post was on February 2018? I left this platform without any updates for sooooooooooooooo long.

I recently (not so recent) finished my SPM which I sat for last November-December, and I'm now currently waiting for my result which is confirmed to be announced on 14th March.

How was my exam? I don't think I should bring it up, I mean, it already passed, and I dont really wanna recall how I it was...sighs, I'm not sure of what I should hope for my spm result, I feel like I've done my best, but i dont think it was my best, best, you know. Before I sat for my spm, something huuuuuuuuuuuugeeeee happened. Like. Huge. It affected me mentally.. for quite a long time but luckily with my friends and family beside, I somehow managed to  go through that ugly phase.

Okay okay, i kind of have the urge to tell what happened, so I'm going to, yes I'm doing it right now. Well, during my spm year, I sort of...got a boyfriend.. I guess? and it was my first time... WELL, he wasnt like a boyfriend boyfriend. But we do have something going on between us.. And I'm not gonna lie, he's a very kind and lovely man (despite what he made me go through). I had soooo many good times with him throughout my final year in school. Sadly we only lasted for a few months and it ended in September. Terribly. hhh. I still remember okay, it was literally 50 days before SPM. And I had an accounting workshop the next day at a college. So I attended the workshop with a pair of puffy eyes. Amaaaaaaaaaaaazing.

Not only that, since I was having a mental breakdown (lmao, stupid, shouldn't have waste my time) I wasn't eating properly either. I skipped meals. Lots of time. My friends would sometimes force me to go to the dining hall haha. But I was too eager to do well in my academics since i mean, of course, I failed in a relationship, I wouldn't want to fail in my academics as well........ Unfortunately, I got gastric. It was sooooooo bad, like I would have to get injections to relieve the pain, and because I didn't know I was suffering from gastric, and I received treatment late (hard to get treatment cause i'm in a boarding school), my stomach was already bloated...with air (if that's how you explain it). So even if I eat, it will still hurt, so sometimes i'd just give up eating, ugh. 

But oh well, I went through that. For real.

Moving on, I spent my post-spm phase by getting a part time job! It was fun though, getting to know people especially. (not forgetting the amount of tips i received) I started working  in January and resigned in February because I've driving classes to catch on. So basically I'm not doing anything much ever since the end of Feb until now. Like, tomorrow, im getting my spm results already?

I tried making myself feel occupied the whole time until now though, because I dont want to bothered worrying about it too much, well there's nothing more I can do right? it happened already. the least i can do now is have faith in whatever He has planned for me.

For my futher studies, I applied for the matriculation programmes! And of course I chose to pursue in Accounting, I mean? what else am I good at though? XD

I also bought the UPU pin number and registered, but I havent make up my mind yet of what I should apply cause there are soooooooooo many options... ;-; I'm planning to think about it again once my SPM results are out.

Anyway, do you have any suggestions for me? or recommendations? I'm interested in TESL, Accounting, science computer, and moooooooree actually!! One thing for sure I will not involve myself in is surely medical studies xp 

Do drop your opinion in the comment section below! Till then, sher.

That Ravenclaw

Thank you for reading! xoxo, That Ravenclaw.


  1. wish you strong and good luck for your spm result :) for pursuing your study, just choose whatever you love and try to manage whats your priority... you also can checkout the related courses on uni's website for further info

  2. hello sis it has been so long hahaha nice to see you posting again :) it seems like you're enjoying your holiday! enjoy while it lasts, soon you'll be starting school again and I'm telling you, it'll be hectic XD choose the one you think you will enjoy the most, it'll make your studies enjoyable (ps medical is so hard idek why all my friends want to study that).

    btw, all the best in everything! :D

    1. haha i can't pursue my studies in medical bec i didnt take biology, only chem physic accounts with addmaths. thank u btw! <3


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