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Helloooooooooooooo everyone (ノ´ヮ`)ノ*: ・゚

Truthfully, I have been keeping this post for a month lmao. I was supposed to post this before I registered to my boarding school but I didnt get to finish it.

Anyway, 3 weeks in school without junior passed. It was so much fun haha. I guess every senior feels like this. It was only us, the form 5s in the school. No need to rush to go to the shower cause I can go to any shower in every floor, no long queue at the dining room, less packed surau and sooooooo much more! I will truly miss this situation lmao :// The juniors will register this Tuesday on the 23rd and I can only hope my future juniors wont be as problematic as some of the students in my batch used to be...and I hope they wont copy down some of the bad seniors attitude...Moving on..

The juniors are in! lmao I was supposed to post this 2 weeks ago look how much I procrastinated!!! Anyway...

Before I start off with my 2018 goals, i want to recall my 2017 resolutions. Lets take a look if I did really achieved them...
  1. Make notes right after learning something new at school 
  2. Think of something good in every bad 
  3. Stop wasting money 
  4. Live a healthy life 
  5. Buy gifts for my parents 
  6. Improve my socializing skills 
  7. Leave sad sher in 2016 
 Overall, and to be very very honest, i only achieved like 3/7. I didnt manage to make notes right after i learn something new. Stop wasting money? I spent soooooooooooo much this year eventhough I didnt go to any concert lmao. Live a healthy life? I dont think so. I have so many weird foods in my storage box and after my finals when I have nothing to do during the evening in the dorm I will usually eat them.... and not feel guilty at all..... Leave sad self in 2016? This one it is 50/50. I cant really say I 100%  stopped feeling so less of myself though. There are still times where I feel so down, dont we?

I achieved number 2, 5 and 6. A LOT of embarassing things happened to me this year. You know, boarding school stuffs. But the more I think about it I dont really think they're embarassing. They are memories I can keep as something I'd tell my grandchildren in the future? Haha. But ya, I did try to think of every postive side I could for anything bad that happened to me this year.

As for the gifts, I managed to buy my mother something but I still havent got anything for my father :// but Im planning to get one for his bday soon. Hope I will get to ;-;

My socializing skills improved A LOT. like A LOT. Back then in my old school, I only socialize with this specific flock of people. I dont talk to boys, nope, i cant talk to them. I do be friends with them and know each other and  so on but I dont talk to them in real. And it will be so hard for me to do group works because i'm very awkward. but ever since i moved, there were a lot of things that required opposite gender communicating so I kinda get used it to it... somehow.. a little...but i'm still an awkward potatoooo ( ̄▽ ̄*)ゞ

Alright without further ado lets get into my 2018 goals!! (⁄ ⁄•⁄ω⁄•⁄ ⁄)


Since I'm the candidate for SPM 2018, obviously I need to increase my effort so...

To achieve this I need to:
  1. Manage my time properly 
  2. Dont procrastinate 
  3. Improve exam 

If you read my recent post, my grades went down drastically t__t so to improve myself I will need to:
  2. focus in class 
  3. dont stress 
  4. finish my homewok as soon as I get them 
  5. try to study a topic a day before the teacher is going to teach 

I have gained so much weight this year because every time after prep class during the evening I will find foods in my storage box and eat eventhough im not hungry. Things only get worse when I spend my free time sleeping after finals instead of exercising lmao. And making things even worse, after night prep class I will usually go to the coop to buy iced lemon tea which is high in sugar... My weight goal is below 50kg I really hope I can achieve it...................
  1. execise regularly 
  2. only keep healthy foods in storage box 
  3. less rice 
  4. Live a healthy life 
  5. drink plain water to avoid the sudden feeling of hungry 

I came to a realisation that I easily felt angered back then. I hope I find a way to sooth down my anger and be much more patient. I also aspire to be kind to everyone around regardless of the way they treat me. To achieve this I need to:
  1. read the Quran frequently 
  2. remember the perks of being kind 
  3. wish everyone i know a happy birthday 
  4. buy gifts for my parents 

I wasted so much money last year on non-important stuffs especially at school omg.... canteen...coop mostly....and polaroid films..
  1. only bring the amount of money I need to school 
  2. keep money in a piggy bank which i cannot open 
  4. look for cheaper alternative 
6. 10A+ for SPM 2018

This is my last public exam ever for school and I really I will ace it. Eventhough I'm like crawling right now I really wish I could feel less sleepy and tired so I can study all day errr day..So to achieve this big goal, I need to:
  1. try not to fall asleep in class 
  2. use free time to study instead of sleeping!! 
  3. exercise to sharpen skills 
  4. pray 
I guess that's all for this long procrastinated post. I would like to add more but the more I think about it the more it is going to take for me to post this haha. Happy February everyone! Before I end? whats your goal(s) for 2018?

That Ravenclaw

Thank you for reading! xoxo, That Ravenclaw.


  1. polaroid films are expensive T_T i can feel you . anyways, study smart and do your best in exam >.<

  2. All the best for your studies and SPM 2018! :)

  3. mostly the things i wish i would do every new year. hahaha but im happy that i was able to achieve it one by one through out the year with so much prcrastination. hahah

    jemput la join n meriahkan segmen GA kt sini


  4. Heyyyyyy..! I was doing some blogwalking through old comments... Kinda missed you though.. :3


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