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Hello everyone!! I'm back with another post u.u

I am so active with blogging lately and seeing the sweet comments I received on my chatbox is making me love this place even more 

As written on the title, I'm gonna talk about how my day went at the Big Bad Wolf Sale! The sale started on 9th December but i only got the chance to attend the even on the 16th December (╥﹏╥). The bestselling books were mostly sold out QAQ.

I went with Alin with the help of my dad, who took us there on his way to work. We arrived around 7:50AM, I thought there would be a lot of people but when I arrived there wasnt much! So ya both of us went to each of the sections that we like. I looked for the Young Adult, Self-Help, Art and Design, Fiction/Non-fiction and Romance. But I only bought a few books because I had to save money for the secret santa game me and my friends are playing y.y

Here are the books that I bought!


I finally get this on my hands, aaaa I've been waiting since forever. The price was only RM30 for the whole set while the retail price is actually RM117! And there was still A LOT of the sets at the book sale, you still have the chance to buy if you go now!


When I saw this at the self-help section this is literally the last piece. I was thinking to get one for my friend but I couldnt find. This book is so good. Can you believe I got it for only RM8, with a perfect condition, when the retail price is RM67?


I was actually thinking to get this for the person I got for the secret santa game I'm playing. But once I paid for it....went out of the book sales hall............. I realize she's too lazy to colour it. So I'm now selling it for only RM15! The retail price is RM55.


Yes, this was bought at the book sale, but at the outside when u go out after you passed the staffs checking your receipt there will be a few booth~ I saw the booth selling these button badges and I went to look at it, the price were only 3 for RM10 and the big ones 3 for RM15. The first time I saw it I cancelled my plan to buy because I needed to save TTT But when we were about to go out after taking pictures, I was persuaded to buy, I mean how could I resist, theyre matte finish which I like, and the memes, they all literally describes me. Oh and there are 4 badges because it is actually buy 3 for 1! I didnt even notice (♡μ_μ).

Here are some pics at the book sale~ We only went out from MIECC on 10AM.

After that, we went to The Mines to shop and pampering ourselves befor a big...big day.

At first we decided to look around for the gifts for the secret santa game, but we got tired and hungry after hours in MIECC so we decided to grab a lunch at Pizza Hut.

We went to buy our movies tickets next. We decided to watch Moana. 

I promise you, this movie was just so good. If youre going out for a movie I really recommend you to watch! I'd rate this movie for 4.9 over 5 because to me it was kinda short. We got in the hall around 11.45AM, the movie started around 12PM and it ended around 1.45PM. But it was still so good! You know the moment Maui appeared and talked I could already sense the voice behind the character was Dwayne Johnson, I just love him! He never disappoints tbh. You can already confirm that it is Dwayne Johnson by the chest move that Maui does when he was singing the You're Welcome song \(≧▽≦)/. Te Feiti with her heart stolen is basically a girl on her period LOL. She only calms down when she received her heart again. There was an intro before this movie starts, It was so inspiring and gave me a different view - look forward to it if youre going to watch this movie!

Also, I love how this movie didnt focus on a girl finding her love life, instead it is about a girl being a good leader - trying to find peace for the people at her place. It only focus on Family, Courage, Independence, Teamwork, Hardwork, and going through Hardships. Before I forgot to mention, the soundtracks in this movie are all so good, 5 over 5. I put down the link to my favourite soundtrack from the movie!! It's sang by Auli'i Cravalho and is called How Far I'll Go. The lyric is just so good and inspiring. Am I the only one who cried in this movie?

After the movie, we went to perform the prayer and then we went to browse around the mall to find the gifts for the our secret santa game!! I think we literally went to every stores in the mall to look for the best gift. Like literally. Some of the stores, we went for numerous time to check. Other than buying for the game, I also bought a palazzo for my PRS Hi-Tea! I also tried the milkis soda for the first time uwu I thought it is a milk, so stupid of me for asking the cashier if it is a milk when it is clearly written on the can "soda beverage" lol. It has 5 flavours if im not mistaken. We only finished shopping around 6PM. 

We then went to perform prayer and then we headed to starbucks because I was craving for green tea frappe. 

We had a dinner at Dubuyo after maghrib prayer and before we head back home around 9PM~

It was such a long day my legs still hurts so much ;-; But it was good cause i got to relieve all the stress I have before my big day! How do you relieve your stress? 

That Ravenclaw

Thank you for reading! xoxo, That Ravenclaw.


  1. Those foods looks tempting...! And those books..! I wish I could go to the big bad wolf.. =="

    1. the cheese bibimbap i got wasnt that much good to me tbh ㅋㅋ why cant u go?

  2. i will eat a lot to release my stress or ask friend to join me for a window shopping

    1. thats nice!! but make sure to eat healthily <33

  3. I can't take my eyes off the books haha. Why lah there isn't Big Bad Wolf in Sabah Y_Y And that foods tho ahh now I'm hungry

    1. i hope they would hold big bad wolf in sabah & sarawak one day~ i didnt expect youre from sabah btw!!

  4. i plan to go to bbw tomorrow, in shaa Allah.

  5. ayyy i have get sh*t done too! hehe :)

    1. it is such a good book for those who is in need of motivational quotes!! :-)

  6. Bestnyer, lama dah tak berjalan. Huhu. Thanks for your review on Moana btw. :D im gonna go watching it.


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