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1416 & 0813 REUNION

Hello everyone! I'm back again after my last post hehe. I took a short hiatus because I wasn't quite satisfied with how my blog looks with the previous classic template, now i had re-edit my blog, for the 384723th time, and well..it's quite ok now? tell me your opinion about it :D

Anyway, since I got another two months break from school, again, I did a few things to fill in my holidays. One of it is meeting my old friends.

There were two reunion for this year, as usual, first one with my secondary school classmate, 1416. And the second one was held with my primary school classmate, 0813. I will talk about both in one entry since it wont be that much long. The reunion with my 1416 classmate were held first, but im going to tell you about how the 0813 reunion went first~

To be very honest, this reunion was organized by a male classmate of mine in primary school. Usually, stuffs like this only girls would think of haha. But this time, Amirul was the one who looked for all of our classmates to organize this reunion. We planned together and fix the date and time based on everyone's flexibility. Eventhough not our whole class could attend, this event was still succesfully held.

This reunion was held on 7th December 2016. We planned to have a lunch at Kenny Rogers and to meet up around 11AM. Me, Aina, and Afiatul went together with the help of Aina's mom, who also used to be our teacher. We were the first to arrive so while waiting for others, we walked around the mall. It was around 1130 when we finally gathered at KR haha. The boys were too shy to get in until i sent a message to our group saying how I was hungry already lel. There were 11 of us, some couldnt attend, some of them were unreachable because we lost contacts ): It was sort of awkward, of course, since we havent meet for a long period.

After we finished eating, we went to look for good spots to take picture together haha. We're already  used not to socialize with boys so it was kind of hard to cooperate lel. But it went smooth~

Then, it is finally time to say goodbye...to the boys. everyone separated based on where they wanted to go. Two of the girls went to their separate way and the remaining followed me, aina and afi to mr. diy and bought stuffs for each other~ .... and we shamlessly took photos there lel.

One by one of us headed home, Rahsya, Rusliyana, and finally Aisha until only three of us left, me, Aina and Afiatul. Three of us then paid for the stuffs we took and headed to Starbucks to get some drinks before we head home.



1416 Reunion.

It was held on 20th November 2016. We planned  this since early of November, but only got to do it during the late November since some of us were busy with holidays, and mrsm entrance exam. We gathered during the night after Maghrib since the place where we held this reunion was at a steamboat restaurant and we didnt want to go out during the hot sunny day and play with fire lel.

Only 16/25 of us attend.. with only two boys. One of the boys arrived late and the other boy was too shy to eat without him first lel but after the worker asked him to just turn on the stove after a few times asking, he finally did. I booked the place for us, so they prepared 5 stoves but we only used 4 of it. We ate and ate and talked and ate and talked until we felt full. Honestly I didnt think i ate a lot that night. Usually if i really ate a lot i will feel full even after the next day, but at that night when i arrived home, i already felt hungry again. Kinda regretting myself for not eating as much as I could cause it was bloody expensive ):

After everyone finished eating we took a group photo with the boys who we had to force to join... duh they were so rushing to head home.. also this reunion were organized by the girls unlike the 0813 reunion. in short, the boys in our class are so not-supportive unlike the boys from my primary school TAT.

Some of the girls and boys headed home after that, and some of us including me went to walk around the buildings near the restaurant to take another group photo. We only headed home after finished doing so haha.

I guess thats it for today's entry. I have so much more to talk about, especially those events in my life that happened when I was on hiatus because of my national exam. Just.. waiting for the right mood to write. 

That Ravenclaw

Thank you for reading! xoxo, That Ravenclaw.


  1. must be good to meet your friends u.u i've lost contact with most of my old friends

    1. aa yess! it brings back the good ol' memories n.n

  2. I do have 'whatsapp group' of my ex-primary school classmates(standard 6) but i was too shy to even say a word and just let them chirping while i work as a silent reader(because i'm not so close with all of them, except few) so yeah you should be grateful that you could meet up again with yr old friends, and of course i felt happy for you.

    1. we have a ws group too! but no one really talk in it haha xD the organizer had to contact everyone individually to tell them about the reunion and then create a new group for it Q.Q maybe because most of my classmates live near each other and some of us got in the same high school ;;-;; thank you and i hope you will be meeting you old friends too! :)

    2. Oh yaa i see that. Someone just really have to play the role as 'father of unity' to connect with others/ spread the news or not your plan will not work well, not even happen. Lol, regarding yr noti in my cbox, i dont receive any email, i just gambling myself,come back here, and scroll down(for this post) to see if my comment has appeared or not and yeah that was so sweet you replied it. Thank you anyway for your concerned+hope.

    3. no problem and thanks for helping me to confirm <3


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