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ah guess im back again for another what-i-did-in-2016 post. well, some of you might wonder, what even is 'deantrblmy'?

well it is actually a hashtag for an artist who came to this country a few months ago, which was in September. yes, exactly a month before pt3. to be specific, this event occured on 10th of September 2016. TRBL stands for the person latest album - 130mood: trouble. 

next, who's dean?

some would fall for his look, but please, please like him for his music.

well his real name is kwon hyuk, but dean is his stage name. he isnt that popular as other korean figures maybe because dean isnt one of those in the 'korean pop family', he is more to krnb, which is my fav. i love his music - theyre very beautiful and his songs are the type i could listen anytime and i wont get bored of. before i proceed with the day i met him, if you would like to listen to some of his songs, i'd recommend 'what 2 do - dean ft. crush, jeff bernat'. most of his songs are beautifully produced, but since if i list all it would take up half of this post, what 2 do should be the best among all to me.

actually this wasnt properly planned, like a day before the event, i couldnt contact my friend who was supposed to give me an accompany properly. i also slept early - which caused me not being able to contact her to discuss. our only problem was transport, well actually everything was fine, except for m mom suddenly said it is dangerous for me to use uber and plus, i told my mom about this kinda late, so i had trouble convincing her how this will be the last time i go out before pt3. but oh well, everything went o k a y, eventhough i almost cried cause i thought i might be late to the event cause it was already 9AM when everything settled down. 

it wasnt dean showcase, he was just a guest for an event that was held by a radio station. after he finished his performance, a fansign event was held at popular book story. this is because - to get the passes to be able getting his sign, we had to be the earliest among the earliest to buy his latest album at cdrama, popular. but heck... gues who bought her album early but didnt get the passes. when i got to know that i didnt get the passes for me and my friend, i was trying so bad to relax myself and just attend - at least i can see him.

so we took an uber and we arrived at sunway pyramid around 10AM. i sigh as a sign of relieve as there werent the much people when i arrived. i asked annisa, who accompanied me to take care of our spot while i went to buy some pretzels at Auntie Anne for breakfast. 

as time passed, even more people came and mob the concourse level. it was 1pm when the mc suddenly came and everyone stood up and try their best to be at a good spot. guess who got the most front and at the center? i was so happy at that time, nothing can describe how happy i was.

the event was supposed to start at 2, but since everyone had already stood up, we waited for an hour long for the event to start. but heck, the torture didnt end at 2pm. 98% of the people there came for dean, but guess who got lied? us. 

when the clock showed 2pm, i thought the event was gonna start, but actually it didnt. from 2 until 430pm we had to stand all the way, watching some nonsense crap that we didnt even expect. there were some people up at that stage who we dont even know, and we had to watch them play games like what the heck man... the radio station used dean so people would watch their crappy event. i mean, if they didnt mention dean would come, who would watch them? plus, the mcs were talking in chinese the whole time which most of the spectators there dont even understand. i was sooo pissed off.

luckily, this guy called alvin, or should i say Johan in suri hati mr pilot was one of the guest. well at that time shmp havent start its airing so most of us still dont know him, but i think since most of the audience there find that hes cute, they screamed when he came.

so after watching some random guests performing and those mcs with their games, it is finally dean's turn to perform. can. you. imagine. they. put. dean. as. the. last. performer. just to make sure no one leave the venue before their event ended? i was so pissed. to make this radio station sounds more evil, they made us wait - standing - from 2pm until 430pm just to watch dean perform 3 songs. it was hella short. i was expecting him to perform what 2 do but sadly he didnt. and of course, as soon as dean shows up, the whole shopping mall was filled with screaming of joy, disbelief, and excitement to see the person who they have been waiting - right infront of their own eyes.

after he finished singing, there was a short talk. as i said, after his performance there will be fansigning event at popular bookstore. so right after dean left the concourse area, all of us, who were there for him, were running inside the mall - heading to popular book store so we could get the best view. yes, all of us were running, and all of the people in the mall were looking, some took it positively, but some, ah, typical malaysian of course, were eyeing and spitting with their trashy mouths, well, who cares? this is once in a lifetime opportunity.

the fansigning event started on 6pm until 7pm only. only those who have passed can get his sign, those who dont have can only get once those who have passes finish. once the clock shows 7pm, it will end no matter what, which i find - kind of unfair. so yes, when everyone mobbed the bookstore, it was only 5pm, we had to wait again for an hour, standing. i didnt really feel sad at that time knowing that i wont be able to get his sign since i could still stare at him for a solid 1 hour. 

it was almost 7pm, eventhough the amount of fans in the queue already lessen, i already lost hope since the event was going to end soon - when suddenly, a group of fan asked me to just get in the queue with them, they didnt have passes too, but i guess they were desperate cause i overheard their conversation with someone saying that theyre from sabah. i thought more fans were going to follow us in the queue but didnt, they were around 15 fans in the queue who didnt have passes. at that moment i was already scared, i was scared the security wont allow us to get it.

and yes. the thoughts that im scared of the most happened.

the securities who were guarding suddenly said that they cant allow us to get the sign. heck, i was hella embarassed during that time. i mean who wouldnt? people are watching you, the person who you adore the most also witnessed the embarassing, awkward situation. only those who were with me understand.

idk what happened, but i guess the securities suddenly received a telepathy - which they then allow us to get his sign, but only the fans who were already in line.


can describe how happy i was. the neurochemical called dopamine released all over my body, giving me the feeling of joy, happiness, made me shiver, goosebumps, strong pleasure, and a whole lot excitement.

as i was waiting for my turn, i can only stare at him, admiring how beautiful he looks, not believing how i will be meeting the person who light up my dark days with his beautiful songs upclose.

while in the queue, i quickly asked some random fans to help record the moment i meet him, but sadly they said that even if they record it can be seen from their place. 

my turn - i couldnt really remember what happened, how was i feeling at that time, it was the fastest 5 seconds of my life. i came infront of him, he signed my album, and i got the opportunity to hi-5 him. the security was rushing so i didnt get to say anything to him. heck, truthfully i was speechless, i already planned on what i'd like to say in the queue, but as soon as i was infront of him i just literally went speechless, i wish the world stopped so i could adore him as much as i could.

walking away from the fansign table, i only stare at my hands, with the look of disbelief, not being able to process how, i had hi-5 him.

after my friend got a sign for her, we met, and we couldnt stop fangirling over how we got his sign, and a hi-5. we waited at the bookstore until dean left. even after he left, my heart felt heavy to leave the venue, i couldnt get enough of him and i would like to see a glimpse of him leaving the mall.
luckily, i asked at twitter with the help of dean fanbase rting my tweet so i could find if anyone recorded the moment when i met dean, and a kind soul dmed me saying that she has a video of me meeting him. i was so happy, everything that happened on that day was unexpected. 

we left the bookstore and headed to typo and muji since i had something to buy. i was desperately craving for myeondong topokki but sadly it was already 8pm and im afraid of getting uber in late night.. we got an uber around 8+ and headed home. as soon as i arrived home i tweeted how i got his hi-5 and sign, of course, some react positively, but i believe there will be always negative talks, but i didnt mind. i couldnt sleep early that night, i was so happy, i also planned to send him off at the airport but suddenyl none of my friend who have the same interest as me were able to go with me. guess i need to wait for another year to meet him again.

actually, i was supposed to write about my experience going to ikoncert - yes, another korean figure who came and i met them, but since dean's birthday is on 10th of November, i decided to write this first, insert my wish for his birthday.

happy birthday, dean/ kwon hyuk/ 권혁im so grateful that you were born, thank you for producing amazing songs that can make my day go from 0 to 100, thank you for always trying to make the best, and providing the best. I hope your days will be fill with sunshines and happiness, keep producing good music ♡

That Ravenclaw

Thank you for reading! xoxo, That Ravenclaw.

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