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Being pt3-free made me feel so excited to make my blog public again.  Anyway, if youre wondering why my older posts are gone, i reverted them into draft due the amount of immature content in it. I'm still trying my best to be productive and re-edit them again but ugh, writing isnt that much easy.

Well actually im not that happy because i'm still afraid of hows my result is going to be, but oh well, theres nothing i can do now except for keep on praying and having faith. I have planned out so many things to do after pt3 but sadly the progress is slow.

Ever since the day of the last paper, I feel so lazy to do anything like seriously. I have also listed out the dramas that I would like to watch but i still am not in the mood of watching dramas though....

My school had also organized a few activites for pt3 candidates since pt3 had ended such as introduction to the form 4 subjects, team-building activites, painting the school wall and trips. But for now I havent heard anything about the trip for pt3 candidates and i'm very worried it will be cancelled TAT

Based on the introduction to the form 4 subjects programme, I finally have an idea of my future. Back then i was confused on which class should i register in and what kind of subject should i learn. Since i'm not interested at all in being a doctor or anything related to hospital and such, I decided not to take Biology. Honestly i actually feel like applying to seseri (a pure science school and yes if i got accepted i need to take biology) but im still considering about it hua ;-----; i really want to move to a new school but i already understood my current school's system so it will be hard if i move. I also applied for MRSM but i dont think i will get accepted :/

Back to my school system, the class for those who wont be taking biology is 4science3. it is a separated class from the science family. 4sc1 and 4sc2 are the pure science classes where the students in it will take bio, chem, physics and addmaths. but the class i feel like signing up to which is sc3 will only take science computer, chem, physics and addmaths. im sooo excited to learn science computer. before this it is known as ict but starting from 2017, they change it to sc computer. 

Enough about school, if you have been following me since my old url, you must have realised that i have completely changed my blog layout. it's now beige in colour and i love it so much n-n anyway if you have suggestion on what should i take in form 4 or any advice, do comment as i would really like to know :D

That Ravenclaw

Thank you for reading! xoxo, That Ravenclaw.

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