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Survival Tips - MTV Worldstage in Malaysia

As I  promised, I am gonna give all of you some tips to survive at MTV Worldstage! I write this because who knows it might help anyone who is going to MTV Worldstage this year and would like to know how is the venue where do we queue up and stuffs. Because before I went to mtv worldstage 2015, I was looking for a blog that wrote about their experience at MTV Worldstage but I couldnt find any. Lets get started shall we?

1. EAT!

Eating is so important yall especially if youre going to be at the venue early, you have to at least eat something. For example, if you want to start queuing on 9am, you can arrive at Sunway Pyramid around 830am and take a breakfast there. You can also buy some light foods such as pretzel from Auntie Anne's, or biscuits or anything which you can carry easily.

If youre going to line up around the afternoon or evening, please take your breakfast and lunch. Dont overeat during lunch.

Note: you CANT bring the foods inside the venue, but when you are queuing up, you can eat at the line up. But make sure to not leave your food leftovers scattered anywhere.

Other than that, I HIGHLY recommend you to bring a water bottle from home. Bring your own water bottle, means do not buy mineral water from any store because if i am not mistaken you cant bring that in. I brought my own water bottle from home but they didnt take it. Maybe because my water bottle has it own cover so they didn realise... I guess. But anyways bring your own water bottle.

IF you come early and youre a xzone/express pass holder or youre like at the front of the queue, i suggest you to prepare RM10 or RM15 on your hand, because once u passed the bag checkup, the people will start running to get the best view, so if you also want the best view, u need to at least prepare RM10 or RM15 on ur hand. Why? because when youre on your way to the Surf Beach (the concert place) there will be some of Sunway Lagoon staff walk around your way and they sell mineral water. Buy from them if you dont bring your own mineral water. Their mineral water is kind of expensive but I cant remember the exact price. Thats why I ask to bring RM10-RM15.


Keeping your boday hydrated and having enough water are so so so important. Especially if you come early, you need to drink lots of water, especially the mineral water. Or else you will get dehydrated and faint at the venue.

Based on my experience, a fan was dehydrated when we were already inside the venue - when we were waiting for the concert to begin. You dont want that to happen to you right? Even I was dehydrated but I didnt faint. I didnt bring enough water and I only took breakfast that was why. Luckily, I brought some chocolates in my pocket so I ate it and it gave me some sugar in my body but I only had two at the moment so it didnt help much. Once Apink performance passed, I legit like sit and stand continously because it was so tiring and I didnt have energy at all.

Thank god the medic there were kind of considerable because they were passing a cup of water to those who were tired and dehydrated. But this only help if you sit at the front of the stage, i mean, the most front. Luckily, I got the most front that was why I got to drink some water from them.  Because the medic only guard around there. Thats why it is important for you to drink lots of water plus the whole time during the concert you are going to stand for hours unless you purchase the vip ticket. The packed venue will make you feel suffocated because you cant get enough air. Plus with less amount of water in your body, youre going to be tired.


Being early is important if you would like to see your idol up close. By being early, you will also receive lots of benefits such as being in the camera and stuffs.

 I started queuing up around 3PM. During that time some of the insider (?) I guess were doing competition where you can get admit one/express/xzone pass there! That was the last chance. Hanli and Alan (the VJs) also made an appearance at the line up and went to some of the pass holder to ask some questions. They gave away goodies such as MTV Tshirt.


This is SO SO SO important. PLEASE dont cut queue because that is so bad and heartless. When I was queuing up, some of the people were cutting the XZONE queue. They will give you excuse such as

"My friend is there"
"I went to buy something so I am going to my place back"

or sometimes they will also just say "Excuse me" and cut the way. Thats so rude I swear. Some people line up since the morning and you who came up around the evening just easily cut the queue? Lmao hell no. I hope those kind of person who cut queue receive their punishment.


As I stated, the venue will be packed as time passes by. So it is going to be so hot and you might sweat a lot. Dont worry, they will give you a fan for each person. But still, please wear comfortable clothes.

Especially those who wear hijabs, wear hijab with a simple style because once the venue become packed, youre gonna get hot and your hijab style wont stay still lol. So I suggest to just wear a simple bawal with a simple style.

6. BAG

For bag to keep your stuffs, I recommend you guys to use a backpack instead of handbag or sling bag. Backpack is much more easier and easy to carry. Plus, if you want to run once you passed the bag check up, backpack wouldnt give much trouble. Why?

When I went to MTV before, I used sling bag, and yes I ran because I want the best view. The way from the bag check up to the actual venue is so far so it requires a lot of walking and running (if you want to). And It was so hard because the sling bag you have to put on your shoulder right ahahah so the bag kept swinging. Backpack is much more easier plus you can put lots of stuffs.



There are a lot more to share but I cant crack my mind to remember, if i add up anything i will update and inform! and if theres anything that u dont understand regarding the tips, pls dont be shy to ask me @ my askfm or any of my social medias hehe :-) Thank you so much for spending your time reading my entry for this week!

That Ravenclaw

Thank you for reading! xoxo, That Ravenclaw.


  1. Great tips! *Thumbs up* Will keep them in mind ~

  2. Wow ni bukan untuk MTV je. Boleh pakai untuk pi semua konsert nih. Great tips!


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