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Roadrun // Marathon 2016

I didnt update last week as I am really busy with school (not that busy yet) but I didnt really have time to crack my brain and look for something to write. I am still drafting my study tips cause I am still thinking of on how I should write it sobs TTTTTT

Anyway, last Friday, 22nd January 2016 my school held a roadrun! They also held a 'pengenalan track' but I didnt attend as the morning session's one was held on the evening... so tiring so hot so no...soz.

A few days before roadrun I was so scared that I might didnt get to hear songs while running because my phone was broken and on repair. I can run without hearing to songs but running with songs can actually boost up my energy. Plus I will be passing around a lot of annoying ass students so I better listen to music instead of their annoying voices.

So ya..luckily my phone got repaired just in time, but then............. I FORGOT WHERE DID I PUT MY EARPHONES. I was so panicked during the night before roadrun because how the heck am I going to hear without earphones?????? t______________t But I found it anyway! haha, I found it in my handbag so grateful that I remembered where did I put it Q_Q

I came to school around 640AM (because school bus ‾︿‾) and then I chilled around first and drank two cans of milo LOL! in the morning! I believe that milo can actually boost up my energy because back then in primary school I didnt really drink milo before roadruns, but there was this one day I made a cup of milo before going to roadrun when I was 10 or 11 years old, i am not sure, and I actually got a lot of energy and ran even much more faster than before (which means I finished the marathon and arrived at school much earlier than before)! So ya starting from that day I started drinking milo everytime there are any sports events to help me gain energy :) See? you dont have to drink those energy drinks that contains lots of sugar to gain energy! 

After that I drank some mineral water because I didnt want to throw up after drinking two cans of milo 〒▽〒

A few minutes later, all the students started to gather and once the teacher came, we split into our 'rumah sukan' to get our number and breakfast. 

My category (form 3, girls) were the last on to be released, so most of us arrived school later than the others but some of us still managed to arrived earlier than the other forms tho! yeay (✧∀✧)

So following my experience of 8 years of participating in school marathon, I started my marathon with jogging instead of speeding up like what normal students would do. I remember speeding up on the starting and I got tired afterwards in a short time, so me, and my friend, Annisa only jogged around for a very long time without any stop! We stopped jogging but we walked quickly when we started getting tired, but we kept on jogging~ 

After (???) hour/minute (i dont know i didnt check the watch when I arrived) we finally arrived at the finish line! Actually I thought I wont get any numbers to give the points for my 'rumah sukan', but I actually got the 56th place! Better than last year, I only got the 96th place out of 200 students? I guess I am not sure how many were the female form 1&2 students there back then. Only 100 students will get numbers in each category to give the points for their 'rumah sukan'. It is hard to explain so I will just cut this topic here lol, do hit me up on my ask.fm or leave your comment below if theres anything you're curious about. 

After that, I WAS REALLY REALLY DIZZY. I was about to take some water but when I am on my way I was about to faint because everything looks so bright. Thank god the place where the teachers put the water wasnt that far. Then, I went to the assembly area to meet my friends. We chilled around for hours (seriously) while waiting for every students to arrive, and while waiting for the winners to be announced at 11AM.

Oh and before the winner announcement and prize giving ceremony started, .........My friends decided to go and buy the icecreams that the teachers were selling, I didnt follow them so they went by themselves (two person) but I asked them to buy one for me. When they arrived, the ice-creams were already 40% melted LOL. It was so funny I swear. After a moment I was eating my icecream while it kept dripping, the ice cream fell to the ground. I repeat, it FELL. I was enjoying it and it fell. It was so funny I was so speechless lmao. After a few seconds my icecream fell, one of my friend's icecream also fell to the ground JKAFHNJKASHF I CANNOT. Oh, and in addition, there were two person who also bought the icecream but when the other two person arrived with their icecream, they werent there so the two of my friends who bought it ate theirs cause it cant stop dripping LMFAO. When they came back they were speechless as heck i cant even t___t my friends are so funny.

my ice-cream t____t anyway snap credits to Afiatul! do check out her blog :-)

Three of my friends got in the top 20 so they received ceritifications and medals! They were Adlin, who got the 7th place, Iman, who got the 10th (?) or 9th (?) I cant remember, and Mas, who got the 14th place! Congrats mates 

I didnt take that much picture since I was so scared to take out my ipad but heres a sneaky picture of me and Aina that was taken in my bag............

Anyway, this year's roadrun was much better than last year, and I actually improved every year! From not getting any numbers in Form 1, to getting the 96th place in form 2, and this year i got the 56th. Eventhough I didnt get to get in the top 50 I am very happy with my achievement nonetheless :-) I guess that is it for this week's entry, goodbye and goodnight! 

That Ravenclaw

Thank you for reading! xoxo, That Ravenclaw.

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