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Evening Session vs. Morning Session

School just started on 4th of January....... i cant believe two full months of holiday ended in just a blink of an eye ಥ⌣ಥ

Back then, when I was in the 8th and 9th grade, I was studying as an evening session student. And now, I am already in the 10th grade T_T time flies so fast I am so old !!! nah i am not going to introduce myself as a 15 years old. I am 14 and will always be (ง •̀_•́)ง

In my school, once you turned 15, you will be studying in the morning session. Studying as an evening session student in my school was quite fun i guess :///// the only thing i like about studying in the evening session during recess, the boys and girls will be separated and, girls, you dont have to share the canteen with boys!! you get to eat first and the boys eat later, so you dont have to deal with the mess they make when they eat.

My first day of school in the morning session was quiet fun too, but i do think the "fun" wont last long (ఠ్ఠ ˓̭ ఠ్ఠ) There are a few benefits of studying in the morning session but there are also A LOT of disadvantages.

Lets start with the benefits, first of all, i prefer studying in the morning because i dont really get sleepy in the morning (unless i do not take any sleep) and i could focus even much better in the morning rather than in the evening since sometimes in the evening it would be really gloomy (makes me sleep) or scorching hot (cant focus because of the hotness, super uncomfortable). I also believe that our brain is much more active in the morning rather than in the evening. 

The next thing is, THE SCHOOL PERIOD IS SHORTER THAN THE EVENING. I REPEAT, SHORTER. even shorter than my primary school period. But starting from this year, the pt3 and spm candidates will be ask to stay at school for prep class until around 2pm, usually the school ends on 1:05pm. heh just another hour tho plus my school bus pick me up around that time smh (¬_¬)

Next, you can stay at school after class ends! When I was in the evening session, I cant stay at school (of course since school ends at 645pm bruh) I can only come early and study at the library but sometimes I am afraid because there might be the upper forms in so in conclusion, I cant study in the library, the only place that students can freely enter anytime they want that has air-cond. I LOVE studying in the library eventhough they dont really have the revision books that I have at home but still it is kind of comfortable, and where else can I have a quiet place to study?

Alright lets move on to the disadvantages.

The morning session is like a zoo. Z. O. O. ZOO. Why? the boys i guess to me... There is no separate recess between boys and girls but lucky me atleast form 3 will be separated from form 4 and form 5. On the first day, I didnt even have the guts to step my foot in the canteen. It was too scary man, too scary. I dont think I will ever get to visit the canteen this year.. It has been a week since school and I havent buy anything from the canteen nor the "koperasi" yet can you see how I am so scared of boys????????????

Other than being afraid to go to the canteen, I am also afraid to get out of my class. You dont know how TERRIFYING the outside of my class is. My class is infront of the main center stair that the students always use. IT IS SO FREAKING SCARY. LIKE YOU MIGHT DIE IN THAT FLOCK OF PEOPLE. I would rather wait till the amount of students lessen than fitting in myself. Haisss i want to study at an all-girls-school so bad so i dont have to be afraid of the small little things :--------( 

When you thought morning session is much safer than evening session.


you're 100% wrong. wait no, 10000000% WRONG.

highschool will never be safe out of those weird ass boys unless you are studying in an elite school. 

Next, You will get judged for a tiny bit of your action. Okay this doesnt only happen in the morning session, but also in the evening session, depends on how good is the batch,,,, i guess so,,,, I am always cautious with my action because I really dont want to make big fuss, nor problem in school. Plus I am going to sit for a major national exam this year, I strictly dont have time for that. I just want to study hard, get straight As and get out of this school. I want to be as quiet as possible that some people dont even know I exist ;A; I want to pass this school year in peace TTTTTTT

Perhaps this is the last disadvantages. The school rule is not strict at all. Not sure if it is strict or not.....sometimes it seems super strict sometimes it doesnt. Okay to me the morning session teachers are strict towards the rule that is not even important or basically just the rule that wont affect anything,, and the rules that are supposed to be much more important, they dont even look over it. Like when the bell rings that signs the end lf school day, there are two "site" provided to go out from school. One is for the girls, one is for the boys, and of course, some of the ignorant boys use the girls' "site", maybe because theirs is too far....smh and none of the teacher get mad at the boys for doing so. what the flying fries. 

Ever since I got into this school I have always wish to move, it sucks, no, not the school, the students. So, I really hope I am going to get straight As for the upcoming PT3 ㅠ_____ㅠ

That Ravenclaw

Thank you for reading! xoxo, That Ravenclaw.

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