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Typo Haul #BackToSchool

So I am back for #BackToSchool and i am going to write about the school-related stuffs that I bought at Typo! This is just a small haul I was supposed to buy more but then it was announced that one of my favourite band is coming to my country so i have to keep some money T^T

Thats the package~ Yup the stuffs came in a very huge box (if you buy lots) i guess, i buy the stuffs online from cotton on website and they shipped it all the way from singapore. And since we have to purchase above RM200 to get a free delivery, i ordered the stuffs along with my friends too and I provoked them by telling that I have a 30% off discount LOL. Or else I will have to pay the shipping payment which costs RM43 because my stuffs all together only costs RM174.

When you open the box there will be some kind of air bag placed to protect your stuffs.

The is the first stuff~ An A5 Notebook, this is not mine it is my friend's. 

The next thing I bought is this eyemask!! This is mine and I bought it because I need to sleep with lights on, but at the same time I hate the lights so an eyemask would help me i guess (❁´◡`❁)

Pencilcases!! The total of pencilcases; 5 but only two are mine.

These are my friend's, there are two of the one with "Bag of Tricks" and one of them is mine. IT WASNT SUPPOSED TO BE MINE BUT GUESS WHAT. I FORGOT TO REMOVE IT FROM MY CART AND ACCIDENTALLY CHECKED IT OUT TOGETHER. AND I DONT EVEN REALISE THAT. HOW DUMB. Moral of The Story: Always check your cart before you check out your items (¬_¬)

andddd this is mine!! 

The next thing I bought is this planner. I didnt expect it to come out really cute than in picture!! The planner is too adorable I dont feel like ruining it with my handwritings T^T

It comes out with very very very adorable designs inside TTTTTTTT

And there is like a pocket at the last page of the planner that you can use to insert letters or small papers~ 

The last thing that I bought is this bag!! Bought it for 2016 school session. I thought it is very pinky but it is not!! The colour is peach; my fav and suits my taste ♡^▽^♡

And this superman-themed backpack is my friend's.

I was supposed to buy a water bottle too TTTT but I forgot to insert it I cant believe (ಥ_ಥ) They were doing sales for water bottles and the water bottle I want only costs RM15 T^T 

Anyways thats it for #BackToSchool 2016 haul!! I am not sure if I am excited for school since I am a PT3 candidate (×_×;) I am like 30% excited because I found out my classmates list changed a lot!! There are a few of the students from A and KRK2 that got into KRK1 and also some of KRK1 got into KRK2. This year I am still staying in the KRK1 class i am so thankful ;; And I am 70% scared because I am dealing with lots of stuffs I really hope I could deal with it well and in a positive way. 

That Ravenclaw

Thank you for reading! xoxo, That Ravenclaw.


  1. Soooooo cute ah T-T We have a typo shop in Dubai, but it's superrrr expensive omg

    1. ikr! i bought those stuffs from their website so I got some discount off \(^▽^)/ if there isnt any discount i wont buy either cause too pricey (T▽T)


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