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PRS Luncheon

The PRS Luncheon was held on 5th of December, our luncheon was held kind of late then other prefects because the teacher wanted the seniors to focus on SPM first. Oh and this luncheon was held @ Hotel Bangi-Putrajaya.

I bought a dress for this luncheon a week before (big thanks to my mom for giving me some allowance for a dress and a pair of new shoes) Plus my cousin is going to get married on the 18th so she doesnt mind I guess spending a bit for me.

So we were asked to gather at school around 1030am but I arrived kind of late wait no, I arrived when they were about to get on the bus I swear oh my god that was scary. But we ended up starting our journey around 11am+ because of something and I honestly cant think of what actually happened. We arrived at the hotel around 12pm? Our luncheon was held at Cafe Lavista.

It started with the head of PRS organization speech and our headmistress' speech. I was bloody hungry and their speeches were very long. When they were giving their speeches I was 70% concentrating on my ipad and 30% listening im sorry for being rude LOL but the internet connection was fast so why not.

After the speech-giving session ended we finally got to get up and start taking foods. We were kind of lost because I am not sure which should I eat first and plus you know we are the juniors so we kinda got left out (?) lmao I guess or it was just our presence who werent that glowing.

Some salad with thousand island sauce (i regret for not eating more salad because it tasted so fresh), a SUPER TINY red velvet cake that i got buy luck (only left one then i got it before anyone else get it because they didnt make anymore rv cake afterwards) and variety of sandwiches with different fillings inside! yes that was a bloody weird plate mixed of healthy and not healthy foods LOL 

This was my second dish, spaghetti carbonara with lasagna + a slice of pizza. Those pizza and lasagna were just add ons u can choose to take it together or not. The lasagna was so good but so tiny TTTTTTTT the pizza wasnt really good its crust was way too......... weird and it tasted like paper because too thin. BUT THE SPAGHETTI WAS BLOODY AMAZING AJUDUEUSIXI TTTTTTTTT

This roti jala was my third dish (i know i ate lots of heavy foods) I wished they serve meats too but they didnt :(:(:(:(:( what a disappointment ¬﹃¬ I was totally craving for a roti jala then I saw it so why not hehe

Dessert as the last  dish! The ice cream was good too and they have variety of toppings!! I actually took some time to get up and go to the ice cream section because I was too shy since I went forth and back to the foods section from my place so many times LOL

Bloody tiny cakes. Those two in the spoons were Afiatul's and Arin's. We took it together since we were shy shy cat also t____t The one with circular white plate and have black-brownish sprinkles as topping on was so good swear!! I actually took another two plates of it doe.

Yup, it was too good. Cant resist. (the one in spoon wasnt mine)

The place where we had our lunch (。・ω・)ゞ

Oh and before we left the hotel my friends and I actually took another bowl of ice-creams each LOL and not to forget they also served ABC//빙수//ice beans what ever you call it. Didnt take any pic of it because they way I put it in the bowl was too ugly and unsual lmAo soz

And.... here is my ootd! that moment when blurry pic turned out better than focused pics : ) I was donning a red shawl with black dress, and the bag i got from zalora that fits all of my stuffs especially ipad (yes I desperately was in need of bag that can fit my ipad so why not) and a pair of platform sneakers because i can !! who says girls cant wear dress with sneakers come and figHT ME (#・`ω´・#)

Well I guess that is it for this week's entry!! Sorry for not updating that frequent I am still trying to keep up because school is coming and i have a lots of tips to share for back to school !! stay tune ♡


It's my boy's birthday! Kim Jiwon a.k.a Bobby ♡

Happy Birthday to my dearest king-of-dissing-lyrics-but-actually-just-another-adorable-dork ! I love you so much I hope you are going to have wonderful days ahead, be even much more successful, receive lots of love and stick together as 7 with iKON! I hope I could meet you soon, my love. ☆゚+o。 happy birthday 。o+゚☆ 킴바비 / 킴지원 씨, 생일축하해요 !!  힘내세요 그리고 사랑해  。゚(゚^∀^゚)σ。゚ 

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