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Sassy Go Go - Ended!

This is basically my expression. 12 episodes are not enough :(

Sadly, i am currently writing using my ipad, since i couldnt open up my pc due to some reason sob. I was supposed to write about my class banquet last Monday, but yeah, that thing happened, i couldnt open up my pc so i couldnt write the entry and insert pictures since all of the picture during the Class Banquet are all in my pc ㅠㅠ

I have been 'craving' to watch Sassy Go Go ever since our 'final exam season' started. SGG started on the early of October, so does my final exam season ugh. But my finals kept being delayed so i had to delay all of my drama plans... I actually started to watch SGG a lil bit late, but yeah it took me only three days to finish watching it haha. I started to watch it last Monday, and the last episode came out on Wednesday 11th November. So i got to watch the last episode just in time like everyone else.

I'd like to give 5 stars out of 5 stars for the drama. SGG is amazing!! I really like the plot and stuffs. The casts, i like all of them! The last episode was kinda upsetting because i thought Yeon Doo is going to make a huge rant or something LOL. But they just barged in the regional cheerleading competition ㅋㅋ And yeah, Ha Joon finally stood up against his father! I am really proud of him.

Omg hes such a kyotie!! >< I was having trouble thinking of who should I ship Yeon Doo with. Kim Yeol is such a babe... plus he got into Yeon Doo first.... But Ha Joon is so lonely and he needs lots of love aGHhh. I felt sorry for every single 2nd lead male in korean drama, the 1st lead female will always ignore them lmao. Dont worry Hajoon-ie! I can accept you anytime, I am faithful you know! Like you said during the last episode ㅎㅎ

Anyways, while all us be cracking our brain thinking of who we should ship Yeon Doo with, I ship these two much more ♡♡♡♡♡

But i am still glad that Yeon Doo and Kim Yeol still going strong with their relationship eventhough their parents are also in love towards each other. 

He is such a cutie!! SOMEONE FIGHT ME

But I still feel sorry for Ha Joon since his love ended miserably.


I'm happy for Soo Ah. She finally can sleep at ease. ♡ She is so pretty tho! 

I'm also happy for Ha Dong Jae, who got to overcome his physical disability. Congrats lil cutie! 

Other than that, if you'd like to know, Soo Ah's mom got questioned at the Police Office for her doings of spec stacking before. She repented I guess.. 

For their principal, she got fired, and Teacher Im (?) I cant remember his name ㅋㅋ replaced her, but just for awhile..... ㅎㅎ

Teacher Yang, Yeon Doo's homeroom teacher, his contract got extended for sure!

and Ha Joon's dad, got questioned too as Ha Joon filed a report about him being abused by his Dad. Nice one Ha Joon-ieeeee ♡

Oh and by the way... Sevit High Schoool is so awesome omg.... Just look at their school in the drama... And the dorm!!!! CUTENESS OVERLOAD ㅠㅠ I hope Boarding Schools in my country are like theirs but it will never be.. and I will never get to study in such place in Korea sob sob ㅠㅠ For sure i am going to end my puberty here in my country..

I am satisfied with the ending! Sassy Go Go/Cheer Up is a very good drama after all ♡ This drama made me cried because some of the scenes describe my situations a lot. Well, every single KBS' School Drama never fail to make me cry ㅋ A lot of people be asking for season 2, but I dont think there will be season 2 as the ending was like... um thats it like that.. How can they continue the story anyways.

Anyways, here is a daily reminder for yall since who knows someone out there whos reading this is in trouble, or feel lonely. Remember, there will always be hands to help. If any of you is having trouble dealing with anything, I am always here and ready to advice. ♡

That Ravenclaw

Thank you for reading! xoxo, That Ravenclaw.

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