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Reunited with 0813 Mates

On 20th of November, I went to my old primary school. It was Friday so it was also the last day of school for 2015 for students there.

So the only former students who went together with me were Arifah, Aisha, Adlina and Afiatul. On that day, a farewell party was held for one of my teacher who was going to retire, Puan Normah. We knew about this but I wasnt sure to attend or not or we are allowed to attend or not. One of my former schoolmate contacted Afiatul and he asked her to attend school on 20/11. So ya.. that was how we confirmed ourselves to attend the farewell party.

I went to Aisha's house around 830AM and waited for her there because her house is near to the school so we walked together to school. We waited for Afiatul and Adlina then we went inside the school by using the back gate because we were toooooo shy lol. When we arrived inside the school, there werent any student inside cause they were outside and downstairs to march for the arrival of Puan Normah. So 5 of us went to just take a walk around the school & then we went to the upstairs to the hall. There.. we met my former schoolmate who asked us to attend and one of my old friend. They were on duty. I also met one of my old friend named Abdullah who I havent meet for a very long time because he disappeared just like that after we took our UPSR result. When we met, his first sentence was..

"Where's Falihah"   (Falihah is my old friend who is currently studying in a boarding school)

I was like?????????? Omg seriously we havent meet you for years and that was your first sentence when you met us? Ok Abdullah ok.

Then we met with our old teachers and you know just talk about how's high school a bit and then we sat at the back and watched the event going.

When the students came in the hall they were all looking at us omg t_t But I am kind of proud and suprised because some of them who got to see me before I went to high school still remember who I am. Extra points for you!

We sat there for only like 30mins then we decided to go downstairs because we wanted to take pics around our school haha.

We basically grew up too much lmao. Cant even play the monkey bar anymore! ><

Then we went to the school canteen because we were bloody hungry. But when we arrived there wasnt any food there ;-; So ya we just act like we were not on our way there and went to the back of the school, the place where we always eat haha. Luckily we havent entered the canteen.

But then, one of my all-time-fav-english-teacher, Puan Vejay asked us to eat and she paid for it omg. Gracias Teacher Vejay! :-)

After we finished eating, we took a rest and sat at this one place i dont what it is called omg im sorry lol. Then we went upstairs after going to places at the school that we havent visited yet. We took pictures with the teachers <3

Once we were done taking pictures, we sat at this on cottage(?) downstairs. We also went to play at the PraSekolah's playground! :-) Arifah went home earlier because she got something else to do. Then one of the teacher's daughter asked us to help her carry Puan Normah's presents lol. After we were done, we planned to go home but suddenly it rained... So we waited for it to stop.

By the way this is Rahsya, (the girl wearing black tudung w/o spectacles and with peace sign near her lips) she wasnt with us when we were touring the school and stuffs because she was with the guy who asked us to attend. They were on duty as I said. 

Once the rain stopped, we went home. It was a great day to be very honest. Im not regretting myself at all for attending. All of the reminiscing were totally fun and I enjoyed myself with my former schoolmates. I guess thats the end for today's entry :-) 


Teacher Vejay, thanks for teaching me a lot about life and English, of course all these past years. I learnt a lot from you and you brought a big change to my life. Thank you for being patience with my immatured self on the past years. Thank you for making sure I know that school is fun and lots of good memories can be made by just being in school. Thank you for making sure I know that kind and nice teachers still exist. Thank you so much for being there through my thick and thins. You helped me a lot. Eventhough I am not sure if youre going to find my blog and read this, I am still going to show my gratitude. Thank you so much 

Puan Samsiah, I am so grateful for having you as my standard six homeroom teacher. You taught me a lot about life, and manners. You always try your best to make sure we succeed. I am sorry for not going to your house when you made a Jamuan Raya. I am so sorry. Thank you so much for giving us breaks when learning. Thank you so much for being a really understanding teacher. Still, I'm not sure you're going to read this but I love you and I am so thankful.

Puan Normah, thank you for teaching me lots about manners, and of course, whats wrong and whats right. Eventhough you only taught us once as our Science teacher when we were 8, the time we spent with you will always be remembered. Thank you for giving me your trust to represent my school for various of competitions. Thank you for letting me learn Karate at school before. I love you and I will be missing you. That day might be the last day we met cause I am not even sure when we're going to meet you again since you wont be teaching at the school anymore. Anyways, I hope you are going to stay happy with your family. 

That Ravenclaw

Thank you for reading! xoxo, That Ravenclaw.

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