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New Look + Class Banquet!

I finally am using layout instead of blogskin,,,,, w ot

I swear, using layout is so hard because I am much more used to blogskin. The codes are differents.... and if you make an error u cant save your template smh t_t That term irritates me the most! It took me like 3 days to finish editing my blog. At first I was like...

"do I really need to change my blog"
"heh I need something much more minimal"
"why's my blog so pinkish..............ugH"

But then I did it anyway. I changed my blog. It was hard. Oh, and, what do you think about my new header? Do you like it? I took about 3 hours something to finish it T^T

Anyway, so last Thursday, 5th of November, my class prepared a class banquet! Not really a banquet tho haha since it was informal.

Wabe gave me a ride to go forth and back, so big cred to her ~ We arrived at KFC around 12pm something and at the moment some of the other classmates had arrived. We took a sit and guess what, since my homeroom teacher is our Bahasa Melayu teacher, she gave our final paper there LMAO. I was kinda scared because I was afraid I might not get an awesome result but thennnnnnnnnnnnnnnn tadaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa! I got 90% only hahaha. That was a great achievement to me because I actually improved myself! I hate BM actually ever since I entered form 1 because the teacher's way of teaching was so boring (〜 ̄△ ̄)〜

So ya, we ate the foods provided I dont know what the set is called honestly I am sorry but as far as what I remember we ate like fried rice, two parts of chicken, and water of course haha. Once we were done eating, the teacher asked us to gather around to do a check up on our paper just in case there is any error. As always, the boys sit so far from us like we have a virus or something heh we dont want to see you anyways(¬_¬)

After that, our homeroom teacher went home and left us. We chilled around for awhile at KFC and after that we went to Tesco to enjoy ourself what the heck im sorry. That was embarassing but who caRES M8 (ノ ̄ー ̄)ノ

As far from what I remember, we entered like the grocery stuffs center and play with the trolley ;-; we also act like we somehow live together and we just literally picked every single stuffs LOL. After that we put the stuffs back ofc ;;

After that, we embarassingly went out from the grocery side and went to the arcade haha. I only bought 5 creds and shared a card with Aina who also bought 5 creds. We played a lot LOL especially the netball thingy it was so tiring.

After we finished playing at the arcade or just basically ran out of creds, we went to the foodcourt to take a break. Everyone were breathing heavily lol. 

Anddddddddd I bought my all time favourite, Blue Coral at Coolblog! No bubbles of course becaue I hate em' TTTTT

After that we walked around the bazaar place inside the mall and went inside the grocery store again XD Then wabe called her father to pick us up and the others also called their parents to pick them up. Oh ya, we didnt went to Tesco like in a group of class or something, just according to our clique. There were like 3 cliques, 1 for boys and 2 for girls. If we enter the mall together gether then it will look like a class trip...................................... ok

We went home arround 4pm. That day was so amazing I 100% enjoyed myself with my friends. Me and my clique planned to go out together again because one of our friend Nana, is going to move to another school so we just want to spend the last time together before she move to her new place. Not sure if this plan is really going to work tho.................

That Ravenclaw

Thank you for reading! xoxo, That Ravenclaw.

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