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Part 2: MTV Worldstage 2015 Experience

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Hello Earthlingssssssssss!

Finally I am going to continue my mtv experience lol. Sorry for being late I wasnt in the mood for writing.

So, about 4.30p.m. something, they open the gate. THERE WAS BAG CHECK UP. I thought there wouldnt be lol but maybe bag checkup are only for my kind of pass holder since there werent many of us.

I ran... like other people to get the best view as possible.. It was really tiring. I wont tell you what actually happen, I will write that on my Survival Guide for those who are going to mtv next year.

Then after a hectic running, we arrived in the venue, I got the most front site I cant even believe t__t Then, around 730p.m, the concert started.

It started with Alan and Hanli (the VJS) giving opening words and stuffs. After that, the first performer was Stacy. Stacy was the most wanted act to represent Malaysia for mtv. I was kinda upset because Stacy only got to perform once song. But anyways I still enjoyed her energetic performance.

Stacy performing! SHE WALKED INFRONT OF ME JFDHNDSAFK. I recorded a video of it.

Ohya, Joe Flizzow (?) also make an appearance to rap for Stacy's song. And btw, Stacy performed the song ''Not For Sale''.

Next performer was Sekai No Owari. I didnt expect much from them since I didnt know them during that period. But then, I found that their music are very catchy! More to EDM. I suggest you guys to listen to Dragon Night by Sekai No Owari. That was one of the songs they performed at the concert :)

 Fukase from Sekai No Owari! Yes he walked infront of me mate! 

Finally, after a very long period of waiting, it was finally apink's turn to perform! I swear to god I cant believe I met APink. I mean like theyre my idols so I cant believe me meeting apink upclose, infront of my own eyes was legit happening. They were so beautiful in real life t_______t They performed No No No, Mr Chu, LUV, and Remember. When they came in the venue was so loud! Lots of fans cheered for them and the fanchant worked very well! They were pink balloons, and something like colourful long stripes confetti released when they were performing u____u I am missing apink to the max :-(

APink for yalls.

They walked infront of me too :) but most of the part where they walked infront of me I recorded it instead of a picture so I am not able to show you soz.

Afterwards, it was Carly Rae Jepsen turn! SHE WAS SO SO SO CUTE. Her voice was really great too t_t She performed 4 songs but I only remember three of the titles, Runaway, Call Me Maybe and I Really Like You. There were also lots of confetti released thru the air when she performed. I did really enjoyed her performance. I took videos of her walking infront of me but sadly I cant show you :( So heres a pic of Carly performing.

And the last one was Jason Derulo. He did took some time maybe like 30 minutes before he appeared. I was really tired of waiting. Then once he appeared, all of the spectators screamed lol. Actually I didnt know who is Jason Derulo but after hearing him performing I realised that he was the singer of some of the popular songs! I was like 'Oh... I didnt know he's the singer of that song'. He performed lots of song, maybe because he was the last one but it was only 10pm something when he started his performing so why not enjoy the night right. Some of the songs that he performed was Trumpets, Wiggle, Want to Want Me, All the single ladies and Cheyenne. Those were some of the songs that he performed and I knew the title lol. I really like the song trumpets! When he sang that song I swear it feels like I was at a EDM Rave Party. Overall, I did really enjoyed his performance.

Sadly, I didnt take any pictures of him. Sorry haha I was so tired I didnt remember to take a photo. But anyways you can visit Annisa's blog to view his picture.

In Conclusion, 2015 MTV was really superb and I did really enjoyed myself. It is just that if I had took some careful steps... I must have enjoyed the concert even more. Haaaaaaaaa you must be curious right about what happened? So stay tune for my MTV Survival Guide as I will tell you about what happened and some useful tips for those who are planning to attend MTV worldstage next year. Before I end this post, here pics of some freebies I got from MTV hehe. Till then, bye!

A fan so you wouldnt get hot in the packed venue.

A tube, and a poncho if it rains.

That Ravenclaw

Thank you for reading! xoxo, That Ravenclaw.


  1. Glad you had a good experience that night!
    This year I wasn't really in the mood to go..hahaha...

  2. love the LED ring light! btw, so lucky la you ><


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