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Finals & Closure of 2015 School Session

So I am going to take my final exam for this year in one week, which will start on 21st October.

These past few days, we got lots of holidays because of the haze..So when we returned back to school, the teachers were rushing to finish the syllables. I am grateful that we had finished our maths earlier tho because maths got me stressed out. I am so desperate to get the highest mark again this year. But the thing is, it is hard for me to memorise Circles and Transformations formulas ugh... oh and Indices. Those three topics, are seriously killing me. I can understand Circles and Transformations but Indices is so hard I can barely answer some HOTS question.

On previous monthly examination, I only got 3As and 5Bs lmao. If im not mistaken, I got As for Maths, English and KHB only. Others I got Bs. But the most frustating thing is the fact that I got 84% for Geography and Malay IUFHSDUIGSfsdJHnJKFHAF

I am really afraid for this year final as I am going to transfer to the morning session next year because I am going to be a Form 3 student (pt3 sucks i know). So the teachers will be strict in sorting out which class we're going to sit in next year. The subjects that I am scared of are religious studies, khb and history. Those triplets are memorising kind of subjects, if you cant remember then youre out. Well History if you understand the story very well then you might can pass but there are still lots to remember tho!! Now I finally understand why do teens hate the History subject to the max.

I am kind of confidence with Malay, English and Maths because it will be easy as long as I do lots of exercise. But english kind of creeps me out because there will be essay writing in the examination but my class barely do essay exercises :-( So I am a lil bit scared that I might wont be able to score very well. For Geography it is 50/50. My marks in Geography always goes up and down.. But I had never get more than 90%.

For Science.............................. Everytime I think of that subjects my mood goes down tsk. I can never perform well for Science and I, had never ever got an A for Science (except for UPSR I dont know how did I manage to get an A tho) For the previous monthly exam I got 73%, but that was because there werent many topics.... This final, the topics will be from Form 1 and all the Form 2 topics. My class science teacher dont want to give specific topics that will came out........ Smh she had never gave us specific topics that will comes out during exams tho..[roll eyes]

Well thats one of the reason why I am scared too, My class, 2KRK1 got compared by the teachers all the time with other classes which irritates me a lot and almost EVERYTIME. I think it is unfair because I got to know that a math teacher who does a tutition for her class, leaked out the previous math exams question. How can I not find that that is unfair??? I hope she wont do it anymore for this final because If she does, what if because she leaked the questions for her students, and just because of her being unfair, a top student get to transferred to a lower class just because of her lack of responsibility. I hope the teachers will fairly mark our paper without specifying classes..........

Other than that, I guess I will be inactive for three weeks starting from now I guess.. Because next week there will be the PT3 exams so other students will get a holiday, again, and the next week after PT3, our finals starts and will be held for 2 weeks+ long since we use the PT3 format which for each paper we will answer it for 2 hours so.. yeah.

Anyways, if you are going to take your finals or PT3 or SPM I wish you all the best of luck! Put your all effort into it because this is the time where you can prove that you are more than who you are.

I cant believe that I am going to end this year studies this Monday, 12th October 2015. I guess that will be the last day studying as an evening session student. Because our exams will be held for about 2 weeks which will end around 28th October i think.. Then after that we will get an early holiday as the SPM examination will start just a few days after we end our finals. There were suppose to be like during spm some classes will attend some classes will not, but I heard that there wont be like that for this year.

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