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Part 1: MTV World Stage 2015 Experience

As I promised before, I am gonna tell you about my #worldstagemy15 experience! But since it is quite long, I will separate this story into two parts. or maybe three...

12th September 2015

I woke up on 620AM. Then I decided to switch those photos in my ipad to my computer because I seemed to be lack of space on my ipad that day haha. I started preparing myself around 8AM since I promised with my friend to take off around 9AM. If you are curious who that 'friend' is, it is Annisa. Yup, I went there with her. I also checked my stuffs that I should bring and memorized APink's fanchant. Annisa's sister picked me up around 920AM and we arrived around 10AM.

After that, we quickly went to TGV Cinema to buy The Maze Runner ticket. We bought the earliest ticket as ya know right we have to queue and stuffs, I wrote my TMR review here {click} you can read it if you want to hehe :-)

Then, we went to Starbucks Sunway Pyramid because I actually wanted to join ApinkMY fanbase gathering. We wait... and wait... and wait but the organizer wasnt there. Since I didnt want to waste time, we went to cold storage as I need to reload my topup so then I can contact the person who let go the worldstagemy ticket to me. If you want to know, I got it from kak Sheila. She is a really nice person tho for helping me!

After that, we went to watch maze runner. After the movie ended, we quickly went out to find some foods and drinks as snack before queueing up. We decided to buy Aunti Anne's pretzel but the queue was so long and we have no idea where to buy snacks as we were legit rushing. With only a bottle of 500ml mineral water, we decided to go to Sunway Lagoon to queue. Oh, I forgot to mention, we ate our breakfast at Mcdonalds. Heres a pic @ mcd before I continue with my story.

And heres a pic of our ticket.

We went to Sunway Lagoon to queue up around 2pm something. At that time, there werent much people I guess, because usually the queue will be so long till outside of the car entry. When we arrived there were already lots of people at the normal pass queue zone but not that much at xzone's.

I dont have any proper pic during queue but heres a pic that i actually sent to my mother via my phone lol.

Xzone and Express pass queue together while Normal pass holder on their own, their lane is bigger since there were more normal passes than xzone and express. Oh ya, not to forget, there were also VIP pass holder. I am not sure where did they queued up but ya there were vip pass holder. Since this entry is already quite long, I will continue next Monday (?) maybe for part 2! and guess what, i will also be writing a survival guide for yall if youre going to attend worldstagemy next year! 

That Ravenclaw

Thank you for reading! xoxo, That Ravenclaw.

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