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Girl Online by Zoella

spoiler alert

I am going to talk about this one book 一 Girl Online by Zoella.

By the way if some of you might not know, Zoella is a famous youtuber and a blogger. As you can see, I am a fan of her, thats why I read her very own first novel.

I didnt bought this novel soz im not that rich to afford this book eventhough it is cheap lol. So I borrowed from my friend, Annisa. She recently bought it so she lend me once she finished reading.

I would rate 10/10 for this novel as it has an unexpected ending. When I was half way reading the book, I didnt understand why did my friend said that it has an unexpected ending?? Like when Penny first met Noah at New York, I can already guess that Noah is a musician.

But then when it came to the part where Ollie told Penny that Noah, who she knew was actually Noah Flynn, and currently having an affair with Leah Brown, I actually didnt expect that at all. I didnt expect that he has a secret affair tho lol. Then, I didnt expect that they actually do not have any affair at all! It is cruel how music company ask their idol to lie infront of their fans just to get a brilliant record sale.

What I like about this book?

First, It is like a fanfic (bias x you) because it has so much feels and everything that Penny and Noah did are goals.

Second, it is not like any other cliche novels. The plot is always interesting and i-do-not-expect-that-to-happen kind of plot.

Third, it is about blog, travelling, school problems and insecurities which define my life a lot.

Fourth, this novel made me gained my interest in reading again!

I have started reading novels since I was 7 years old (yes you should believe that) My aunt bought me a novel and i read it right after I got it. After that, I keep reading and reading and I cant stop buying new story book. But then, when I turned 11 or something like that, my interest in reading slowly decrease i dont even know why. Last year (November), I bought two new novels, If I Stay by Gayle Forman and Fangirl by Rainbow Rowell (?) but I dont even read it otl. I do read If I Stay but only till the part where Mia wanders around the hospital to find her parents and Teddy.

Back to the topic, there are 3 heroes in this novel, Elliot, Ollie and Noah. When every single of them slowly exposed, I cant think of who Penny is going to end up with. Elliot is like Penny's bestfriend for life but it sounds like Elliot has feelings for Penny as he always helps Penny and always be there for Penny during her up and downs. Penny has a huge crush of Ollie before she met Noah, Ollie is kind of kind but idk... Sometimes hes okay sometimes hes not, and when I was reading the book, I thought that Ollie is just taking advantage of Penny since Penny is a good photographer. I love Noah too t___t He is really that kind of boyfriend material u_u What is life....

Anyway, I HIGHLY recommend you guys to buy this book because it is just 一 I cant explain but you guys SHOULD buy it. Eventhough it has a lot of chapters and has 345 pages in total, it is super interesting and you cant stop reading it once you start because every single plot makes you feel curious and you would like to know what happens next (that is basically me when I was reading the book) Im also thinking of to read its sequel, which is Girl Online 2: On Tour. I really want to know what happens next between Noah and Penny t_t

That Ravenclaw

Thank you for reading! xoxo, That Ravenclaw.

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