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PRS Trip to Melaka

I actually dont have the mood to post an entry, but then I decided to post every Monday to stay active. So heres a story about my journey to Melaka (again) with my school.

Well actually, this trip is only for PRSes. But since the new prses werent supportive at all, the teacher open it for normal students. I was kinda pissed off because i mean like, most of the new prses didnt actually do their works, and to me they didnt contribute anything in this organization, and even when the teacher wanted to make a trip for you, you dont want to join? if i were the teacher i'd have resign them..

Firstly, we went to a fruit farm. At the fruit farm there were lots of fruit trees, and also some other trees that I have never seen before. Else than fruits, there were also animals. yup, animals, but just some, the ones i can remember are cows, ostrich and ducks. We were also allowed to feed the animals there!

After that, we went to Taming Sari. This is probably like the 284738th time I have been here... I visit Melaka way too frequent ;-; You can see the famous pregnant-woman-look alike-island from the top too.

Next stop, Melaka Museum!

Something really funny happened here. I was walking somewhere then I saw a bench and there were two dolls sitting on a bench and it looked so realistic. The dolls were like aged foreign couple who came for a vacation here. The husband was bald and both of the husband and wife were like holding a camera and looking through photos. I was curious if they were really dolls or human because they werent moving at all like seriously but they looked so real.. So I tried to approach the husband and i was trying to touch his bald head, i was like 10cm close to the man when he suddenly moved!! that was when me and my friends burst into laugh, It was so embarassing and the tourists laughed too!! We then left them and said sorry while dying of embarassment.
All of the participants then gathered and the teacher said that we have 2 hours to go around Dataran Pahlawan. It was so short man... I mean i have to take pictures, perform my prayer, eat, shop. We were rushing so bad. I havent buy present for Afiatul's bday (what a good friend i am) so I took this chance to go to cotton:on.

Dataran Pahlawan was our last stop for the trip. After everyone gathered, we took the bus again to go back to our school. We arrived at school around 740pm something. I give 2.8 out of 5 stars for this trip but overall it was actually okay... Thats all for today, I apologise if this entry is too short ;d 

That Ravenclaw

Thank you for reading! xoxo, That Ravenclaw.


  1. Dah lama tak pergi Melaka. Last pergi tahun bila entah. Hehe. Semua tempat kat situ rasanya dah pernah pergi, kecuali menara taming sari je. Next time boleh la try pergi. hehe

  2. seriously?? i need pictures like how can a person been mistaken for dolls? are they like those people that act around? there are quite a few of them around melaka. oh my, been to melaka few times but still never been up Taming Sari. argh.

    1. i dont have any picture of the couple sadly, nah they were just like not moving and their skin is very light so they looked like a doll to me, in addition they werent moving so ya XD theyre actually tourists

    2. also u should try to get a view of melaka from the menara taming sari one day! it's breathtaking though i was scared at the same time


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