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Open Houses and Friends!

Is everyone's raya mood still on? I am! Today i am going to talk about my 9th Syawal and 16th Syawal. Well i thought this year's raya is boring and im just going to rot in my house but good things happen when you expect less! Lets get started shall we?

9th Syawal 2015

I went to my friends open house. The first house I went to was Afiatul's. She also has a blog, you can check hers out by clicking this. At first i thought im not going since i usually go anywhere with my friend, Annisa. It was a last minute plan it worked out! So I and Annisa arrived at her house on 11am something like that. WE WERE THE FIRST ONE TO ARRIVE LOL. Kind of nervous since i didnt know what to do and it was just sooooooooo awkward. Oh ya, when we arrived, Fifi havent take her bath yet ヽ(>∀<☆)ノ I asked my friend, Sarah to come cause she is like the mood maker, at least she can make some noise \( ̄▽ ̄)/ Sarah, Alya, Arin, Ina and Fakhira came after around 1 hour. We ate.........chit chat..... what did we actually chit chat?? I think everyone were being anti social lol. Here is pics of us! and also my ootd <3               

Then around 1.30pm, we moved to Alin's house. We were the first guest too LOL. I ate sate and spaghetti. Actually there was 'bubur kacang' and I really want it :((( Alin already offered me to eat it but i kept saying later later but then I didnt even get to ear it sobs :') Then..... suddenly a group of like 20 boys idk come.. Alin actually invited only 2 boys, i repeat, TWO but he invited a group of his friends lol. After that, other 4 of my friends came, Alia, Mas, Pika and Iman. We took a family pic before they arrived so they are not in the picture below :(

SORZ i look horrible lol. After that, we went to Hakeem's house. A new student who just moved to our school. Actually I DIDNT WANT TO COME TAU because we're not even close so it was a little bit shy to visit, when we arrived his house was packed with ............... ya know lol. I didnt eat anything there since im too shy to move lol. Heres a pic of us there! 

After that, we went to Iman's house. I tell you what, it was like we went for a jungle tracking. We used the shortcut and it was horrib. I recorded a vid of us but of course I wont show you ( ̄▽ ̄*)ゞ After we went to that way we ran away from dogs oh my..... I didnt take any pics at iman's house since we were so exhausted. We watched a cinderella story at her house and after awhile, abang Aiman who is Arin'a older bro picked us up. The car was hella packed because he thought only a few girls (T▽T)

The night of 9th Syawal, we went to Arin's house. Annisa didnt attend since she fell asleep. Sarah's aunty picked us up. She is young tho and her driving was SO SO SO SCARY but we had fun since she was that kind of sporting person :)
We ate a lot <333 and then we walked around the resident and took pictures, here a pic of us with abang aiman our driver of the day! So heres the story, we didnt know who are going to send us home from arin's house then arin recommended her bro t_____t i feel so guilty omg hahahah. tysm for the kindness ! (╥﹏╥)

We arrived home around 11pm.

16th Syawal 2015

HEYYYYYYYY THANKS FOR STILL BEING HERE READING. I am too lazy to make another entry and i promise i will keep this short since i only went to a house, which is Annisa's.
So at first, my friends were hella excited to attend Annisa's open house. but ended up with just me and Alia since all of them were busy... and some of them didnt want to come bec of a person.. maybe idk ;; We went to Annisa's house around 4pm. I thought im not going since im too shy to go alone but then i asked Alia if she is going then she said yes then i asked her to go tgt with me hehe. Didnt take a lot of pics but i put one below! I ate laksa, abc and drank asam boi. THERE WAS LAMB OKAY i want but didnt get to :(
We went home around 530pm. I guess thats the end of today's entry! See you guys again, bye! 

That Ravenclaw

Thank you for reading! xoxo, That Ravenclaw.

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