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Raya D-2!

Im back with my raya post hehe. Okay lets get started.

The Second Day of raya is kind of just pale but at least i went out of the house. We went to visit our cousins. Only two house sorz cause we depart too late t__________________t In the morning after i finished my prayer, i did my PAI presentation so then i can relax for the rest of the holiday.

Then, around 9am something my cousin who slept at the village went to their mother's village. After i done my presentation i watched movies........take a bath...........watch movies..........turn off laptop and wait for my aunt to pick us up.

First of, we went to my aunt and cousin house. my cousin had get married even before i was born, and her son was also born before i was born lol. So I have a nephew who is 4 years older than me? or maybe 5? i dont know hahaha. We eat, chit chat and before going to the next house we performed our Asar prayer there. Then when I was praying another like a family came idk who they are lol... My aunt said they are my relatives but i dont understand how to relate. Then I shaked hands with the girls of their family before going to the next house.

The next house we went to was also my aunt's house. She took care of me when i was a baby when my parents went to work. I cant remember any of that since i was a baby. I love her cookings so much! She also has a small restaurant. Everytime before raya, she will make her own cookies by her own hands! and it tastes so so so so delish! I ate a lot since her cookings and bakings are just too delicious.

We head home around 7pm and I took a bath, perform my prayer and fell asleep LOL. Raya d3-d5 werent so much fun, I just sat at home watching movies and ya... Heres my ootd for d-2!

Till then, bye!

That Ravenclaw

Thank you for reading! xoxo, That Ravenclaw.

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