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Iftar Jamaie

Whats Ramadhan without gathering with friends to break our fast together 

Yesterday, which was Wednesday, 8th July, I went out together with my friends, Adlin, Farah, Nana, Annisa, Afiatul, Aina, Faqihah and Wabe but sadly, only 5 of us were there,,, girls planning be like (;⌣̀_⌣́)

As soon as I arrived from school I was rushing as heck because I went home with the school bus. And there goes my bad luck striked.........there was a police at the traffic when I was on my way so the traffice flow was so............................. ugh

I arrived home around 6:05PM and I WAS REALLY REALLY REALLY RUSHING BECAUSE AFIATUL SAID SHE WAS GOING TO PICK ME UP AROUND 630. I took a bath as soon as possible and prepared myself, also performed my Asar prayer. Afi picked me up with a motorcycle since our house are near and then we headed to her house. After that afi's dad drove us to Wabe's house to pick her up and went straight to kfc.

Just right when we were about to arrived at kfc........................the traffic was hella cray cray because you know it was the time where parents head home to break their fast with their family. Oh, and the madness didnt end there!! when we arrived at kfc, the place were crowded with students who came to break their fast with their friends too. We thought they were going to dominos because last year dominos was packed! Maybe because dominos doesnt provide place to pray. There were a lot of our schoolmates..ugh I really hate meeting my schmates outside the school. We also met our lovely english teacher there, madam hebe ;;

After we finished eating, we took turns to pray. Right after we performed our prayer, we went to buy more foods. We went home around 9pm LOL we planned to study too but everyone ended up eating.

That Ravenclaw

Thank you for reading! xoxo, That Ravenclaw.

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