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Eid-Fitr Preparations

So today i am back with a new post where i am going to share you my raya preparation story (not that much) and eid day 1 and 2 maybe? idk lets just see heeee.

okay first, 2 days before eid mubarak, i went for a speed shopping lol. we actually wanted to buy our casual wears for raya at Cheras but it was jam, and i didnt want to stuck in the car for hours lol. We ended up shopping at The Store in Semenyih. I thought the store doesnt has like nice clothes and stuffs but THEY DO. The store is like Target. I bought a new cardigan, jeans, tshirts, and a super super super soft denim shirt. it is not like denim but i claim it as a denim because it looks like it lol. before we went to the store, we went to nilai to look for hijab. I will share with you the pics of the stuff that i bought later :)

So after the mad shopping, we went to bazaar. fun fact; THAT WAS MY FIRST TIME GOING TO BAZAAR FOR THIS YEAR. i dislike going to a place where i can accidentally meet my friends or teacher and so on. we bought lots of foods since the next day there wouldnt be like many people selling at the bazaar since it is eve of eid fitr XD The night we just ya act normal (???)

Okay, the day before raya. my parents went to cheras to buy my lil bro raya casual wears. Oh I forgot, the day before i sleep at my village so ya this whole story i was 100% at my village. On the afternoon, one of my cousin's family came!! I wasnt that excited actually lmao.That evening I CUT MY HAIR. I just cant believe that i cut my hair !!1!11! It is hella short >< 

The night before raya, we cleaned up the house and the living room since there will be people from the surau came to takbir in there. I was so excited lol i thought they came early but ended up on 11pm. I chilled around with my cousins and oh, b4 i forgot, me and one of my cousin went out to hear takbir from the surau and it was fun! I slept kinda late like 1am something like that. 

the next day, eid mubarak!! i woke up on 8am to prepare myself. After i took a bath i changed into a new pijamas since i wasnt in the mood for raya at all on that time XD Then when one of my cousin's family came i changed into a baju kurung, here is the pic of my ootd-raya.

On the evening around 2++ I fell asleep because of the tirednessssssssss. I woke up when only some of my cousins left. On the night, my cousins went to visit other cousins' house since the next morning they will be going to their mother's village. I...................... spent my night with movies. I will make another post for the second day of raya since this one is too long alread hehe. Till then, bye!

That Ravenclaw

Thank you for reading! xoxo, That Ravenclaw.


  1. nice entry Shirah. hehehe. btw salam aidilfitri! Jemput singgah beraya ke blog ye kalau sudi :)


  2. Wahhh ! Disini masih mood raya. sukanyeee..
    Meh la jemput komen di entry post kite pulak *heret tangan dengan muka tak malu*

  3. when was your last time you cut your hair before?

    btw, eid mubarak.. ^_^


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