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School Trip: IPOH!

for today, i am going to share the story of a trip with my friends to IPOH. Forgive me if i left any of the event on that trip because that trip was like a month ago if im not mistaken... 

The trip was held on 7th May 2015, Thursday. On Wednesday the teachers who were going to guide us along the trip gave a brief regarding the trip.

Thursday, 070515.

All of us gathered at school on 6:30AM. It was super dark at that time and I thought the bus will come a little bit late duh it is like a common scene to happen in any school trip where the students are earlier than the bus. moving on, when all of the participants had arrived, all of us took our seat in the bus and me and my friends got the back seat. Another common scene in a school trip, the students at the back of the bus are the loudest (yeah we did made a lot..? of noise though). Oh I forgot to tell, The trip is called as Kembara Nilam. We were suppose to read books that we brought along the journey but i didnt even read a single book lol. I did brought books but yep, I spent too much time looking outside the window admiring the temporary scenery.

As soon as all students got a seat, the bus started moving and one of the teacher was passing breakfast meal for us which were chocolate bread and mineral water. 
honestly, i already forgot what was i doing throughout the journey to the train terminal. I did vlog but i dont think i should post it here. So here is the summary of our journey;
School > Bus brought to KTM ( actually to KL Sentral but the traffic was crazy ) > Took ETS to IPOH > Arrived at IPOH > SERATA school's bus brought us to SERATA > Activity at SERATA > Head to IPOH Terminal > Took ETS to KL SENTRAL > Stopped at an R&R for dinner > Arrived School
We arrived at KTM around 8.30AM. Our departure was on 9AM so we took pictures around there while waiting for the train to arrive. If you dont know what is ETS, ETS is the shortform for Electric Train Service. Anyway here are a few picture that were taken there.

The train arrived on 9AM sharp!! The train was so nice to be very honest. Also, we were asked to sit in our group in the train.

The interior design of the train was so nice and super comfy!! They also have like the storage in airplanes on the upside so we could put our bag. There is also a compartment at the back of each seat and also a flippable table. Else than that, there is also a cafe where you can find at couch C.

We arrived at Ipoh station on 11:20AM. SERATA is an all-girls school and the long form of it is Sekolah Raja Perempuan Ta Ayah. The bus from the school picked us up & brought us to the school.

I didnt take much pictures at the school as I was busy vlogging... As soon as we arrived at that school, we were invited by the school teachers and seniors! The seniors were very very very friendly they were making me feel like I should move to that school :--((

That was taken inside of the school hall. The teachers and seniors gave us a tour around the school. We visited their classes, their dorms, toilets (lol), canteen, dining hall, book store, computer lab, science lab, surau, and so on. Their dorms are very nice and so clean! 
After the tour, we went for lunch at their school canteen. The foods they provided us were really delicious.  The principal was so nice bec she kept asking us to add up more dish! My tummy was so happy <3 After lunch, we went to perform our prayers at the school's surau. It already has air-cond but they also have fans!! So it was like so cool inside and just so relaxing! And another thing about this school is they have a lots of mirror around the school cause ya know right girls school....... After that, we went to the hall for a Q&A session.

Then, it was time to apart....... That was the saddest because the students were just so friendly and I bet i wont step my feet to the school again because the terms and condition to enter the school is strict and i need to achieve a lot of things, and ya my school cant help it cause they dont provide such things. The bus then send us to Ipoh station.

At the Ipoh station, we bought some foods like ice cream, drinks and so on. The teachers also made a quiz for bonus marks. I answered a question hehe. 

The train arrive on around 5:50PM. Inside the train, we were free to sit with friends since the group activities had over. Here are some pics that I took. 

That was the flippable table that I was talking about, you can put your stuffs on it and can also like flip it if youre not going to use it.

Another fun fact thing about ETS is, they also provide you a charging spot near your seat so you could charge your electronical devices!!

We arrived at KL Sentral around 8:30AM.

In the bus, we made A LOT OF NOISES. I think some of the seniors who were in the bus were annoyed of us haha dont care. We arrived at R&R around 9:40 something and were given 20 minutes smth to buy our foods and perform our prayer. After I finished my prayer, I went to starbucks to try the strawberry panna cotta and I wanted KFC :-(( but the teacher asked us to hurry up so I only got to buy Subway :((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((

It didnt taste good TBVVVVH dont buy :-)

We arrived at school around 11:00+++ LOL Annisa's father sent me home hehe. It was a really fun trip!!!I really hope my school will organize another trip using public transport like this again. I had so much fun but sadly my group didnt win anything :-( I am kinda emotional because 2 years being in this school but I still dont have any medals or prize yet :(

Thats all for today, till then, bye!

That Ravenclaw

Thank you for reading! xoxo, That Ravenclaw.

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