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Muslimah Clothing Looks for The Career Women

Hey guys!

Ramadhan had began and I am much more than just excited! But the thing I have been worrying about is…. The stairs at my school... My class is on the 4th floor and I tell you what, with the heavy bag, you can only nag about how your school doesn’t provide lifs. Going up and down for countless time every day using the stairs, and not a single gram of my weight decreasing.........

Okay back to the main topic. Lets get started shall we? 


In Malaysia, we have seen an outstanding growth in the Islamic fashion scene and muslimah women are always anticipating for the next IT trend. As years pass, designers are always coming up with new muslimah clothing for women to style any time of the day. Women who are busy climbing up their career ladder should not miss out the chance of looking stylish in their own way. Everyone knows that the perfect outfit can definitely boost up a person’s confidence level. Modern career women who loves fashion and aims to look their best at work can check out these three muslimah clothing looks. 

1. Professional Outerwear
It cannot be denied that wearing a suit to the office is very boring and can drain your energy. So why not perk up your muslimah office wear with switching the blazer with a cropped jacket or a cardigan instead. Try putting some colours such as red, yellow, green or blue as it can definitely be a mood booster to go about your day.

2. Sophisticated Feminine Maxi Dresses
However, if you prefer a more subtle feminine appearance at work, the maxi dresses are seen to be a popular choice among the muslimah ladies. There are plenty of maxi dress designs from the latest trends which women can show off in style. Pick out the ones which represent your true personality and soft side in front of others.

3. The Trendy Kebaya Kimono
The kebaya kimonos are seen to be a big hit this year as women can mix match it with anything they have. The versatile kebaya kimono allows women to pair it with jeans, jogger pants and long skirts with ease. Women can create their own fashion looks with kebaya kimono clothing and feel confident flaunting it everywhere they go.

That is all for today. Also, i would like to give an advice, you do not need a lot of money to express your fashion sense and being fashionable doesnt mean that you have to wear something which is expensive. Be grateful of what you have and spend your money wisely when you are shopping. Dont forget to visit ZALORA because I promise you they sell attractive stuffs that you cant get your eyes off! I will be updating my 2015 school trip soon so stay tune :) <3 Have a nice day and blessed Ramadhan everyone! Till then, bye!

That Ravenclaw

Thank you for reading! xoxo, That Ravenclaw.

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